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Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion”

  • Where do we (where does God) want our organisation to be in three to five years time?
  • Process of distilling the big picture into mission, aims and values with the core leadership


“Create more ownership of the vision in each constituency of the organisation”

  • Share the vision with each working team in the organisation and invite their input
  • Share expectations and possible changes with clarity and support through the transition
  • Create ownership of the vision – instil a shared responsibility for its fulfilment


Publicly cast the vision in a way that lets people know the main thing and how they can play their part in fulfilling it”

  • Formulate what you want people to know, communicate it aimed at how you want them to feel and develop immediate and long term ways for them to respond
  • Help people to grasp the main thing
  • Regular drip-effect reminders to keep it fresh and moving forward

The reason our organisation exists.

To show God’s love and extend the local churches’ care for young people by meeting their needs in Carluke and the surrounding areas.

The measurable means by which we achieve our mission

The four key areas in which we aim to work well to order achieve our mission:

“To establish, develop and maintain RELATIONSHIPS with and between young people, families and the community.”

“To EMPOWER young people to achieve their potential”

“To seek and foster productive PARTNERSHIPS that help us fulfil our mission ”

“To continually INVEST in our staff and volunteers, to enable them to fulfil their role effectively and promote good youth work practice.”

[Holistic development  / respect and responsibility / engage the community to help them value young people]

The guidelines by which we conduct ourselves and make decisions as we seek to meet our aims and fulfil our mission.

We value a culture of mutual respect towards all.

We focus on meeting the needs of young people.

We nurture a culture of non-discrimination based upon Christian values of love, forgiveness and acceptance.